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Dream Jobs are Overrated–Gimme The Dream Lifestyle

*Sips ice cold spring water and exhales*

It’s been a while, a long while. These days, things are looking different for me. As a 30-something year-old woman, my lenses of life have really changed. I read a tweet today that summed up where I’m at with it these days. A woman tweeted a message that I felt with every fiber of my being.

She tweeted,

“I don’t have a dream job, I don’t have a dream business. I have a dream life. I’m not loyal to an employer. And I’m not loyal to an industry. I end chapters and start new ones. Whatever you see me doing at the moment is to fulfill that dream life and nothing else.”

In 2017, I realized I really had the power to craft the lifestyle that I desired. This was back in my ritual and heavy on using the word “manifesting” days, but to craft the very job, financial stability, and relationship I wanted, or so I thought I did, was indeed a real ass thang. I felt like a magician–abracadabra, heaux!

From money to moving across the country, I think this is when I finally felt like this shit was real. Not that I didn’t have any proof before but it just feels different when you’re constantly making shit happen and defeating the odds. You know…when I would pray for something and it happened, sometimes I would be like, “Oh, OK. That’s cool.” But, it kept happening over, and over, and over again, and I finally realized that I really had the power to craft my lifestyle.

While doing this, I discovered that’s it’s not a “dream job” I’m aiming for anymore, but it’s an actual lifestyle that I desire. Titles are nice, recognition is nice, but I realized dream jobs come with limitations. They’re too perfect and too calculated. But a dream lifestyle has endless opportunities and possibilities.

A dream lifestyle for me is, in part, flexibility, upward mobility, a social media presence with privacy, passive income, and ultimately living a life that has “retirement energy,” as Jarius Edens says but with financial stability as if I’m actively working daily.

I wanna have an option to show up every single day or not. I wanna have an option to work eight hours a day or not. I don’t wanna always be politically correct. I don’t wanna always over-extend myself. I just wanna be and give whatever it is I feel like giving and being at that moment, and let life reward me for it.

As a child, if I had a dollar for how many times I was asked, “What you wanna be when you grow up?” I would be so damn rich, y’all. No one has ever asked me what type of lifestyle I desired, though. I know times have changed and much of what our parents taught us has evolved or is arguably applicable. Back in the gap, it was about just being happy to pay your bills and able to eat out on weekends. Now, that’s not enough. Everybody wants more, even if they don’t even work towards it. People really want more than “enough.”

Life has taught me that you can have more than one desire. I knew I wanted to be in communications in elementary. While I’m a journalist, I have also been a digital marketer, social media manager, and I’m also an author. Now, while all of these thangs are in the same industry, I knew this would be my foundation. It’s also completely fine for people to change industries, if that’s what they need in order to achieve the lifestyle they seek.

For example, there are folks who are getting into the tech industry and making that coin. Whew, Chile! No background but they’re taking certs and using their transferable skills to create a lifestyle they desire. I’m telling you what I know, not what I heard.

I just think in order to really live life and live it more abundantly, we have to take the limits off, and focus more on a lifestyle. Sure, have a focus cuz you need a starting point, but be open to other opportunities that will guide you to have the flexibility, stability, and financial security you desire. Putting so much focus on an actual title or specific job will prolly limit the hell out of your options. Be sure to go where it flows. As people we evolve and have new interests and desires, so one dream job is limiting all within itself. Focus on the lifestyle.

What type of lifestyle do you desire?


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One thought on “Dream Jobs are Overrated–Gimme The Dream Lifestyle

  1. I TOTALLY understand. Reading this blogpost felt like I was talking to myself. I desire a lifestyle of luxury, freedom and flexibility. I want and love the ability to have options. Not just one thing or decision that is riding solely on one position. This was so needed. Thank you!


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