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“Ladies who List: Atlanta “– Friends? What Kinda Friendship Does Cristyl & Robin Have? (Ep. 2)


Guuurrrrlllaaahhh! It’s some good TV on lately. Have you watched Ladies who List: Atlanta? It’s on episode two and it’s quite interesting. Cristyl and Robin have one hell of a friendship, if that’s what you wanna call it.

Just to catch you up, the show is about Black women in Atlanta who are in the real estate industry. The premise is that Robin, a real estate agent, wants all six women (including her) to form one real estate agency, But it appears that she doesn’t get along with everyone, which naturally poses an issue.

While it hasn’t been disclosed, Robin has struggled with mental health challenges, which is weaponized against her in the latest episode.

Now, Robin ain’t really give a good first impression in episode one and it ain’t hard to tell why folks ain’t fawkin’ with her. But I don’t understand why her friend Cristyl  was less than supportive and pretty much agitated the situation by constantly telling her she was “triggered,” when it was obvious she was already upset.

In episode two, the women met up and were discussing Robin’s idea. Well, thangs went left when a couple of the women (Quiana and Kira) were airing their grievances against the real estate agent. But what I don’t understand is her “friend” Cristyl didn’t seem to give a damn and made the situation worst.

Let’s be real, anytime you discuss an issue you have with someone in the midst of a group of people, it’s always some bullshit attached. Between people making side comments, embarrassment, and jokey jokes, simple bystanders become a peanut gallery. For this reason alone, I don’t understand why Quiana was so adamant about discussing what occurred with her and Robin in front of everyone, even though she said they could talk about it later.

As far as Kira is concerned, Miss Mamas is really holding on to a social media follow a lil’ too tightly. I mean, who puts that much pressure behind something that simple? But I digress.

At one point, after Robin was obviously upset, Cristyl kept saying, “She’s triggered!  She’s triggered!” Maybe it’s lack of awareness, but constantly saying a person is triggered is indeed triggering and antagonizing.

Tiffani, a closing attorney, seems to have been the most level headed in that situation. Without Tiffani, Robin wouldn’t have had any support. You wouldn’t have known that Robin and Cristyl were close friends. I mean, after getting into it with three of the women who were there, and one of them being her friend, Robin needed some sort of backup.

From the laughing of the jokes and just her overall dismissiveness, Cristyl didn’t seem like she cared about their friendship. As for Robin, she’s been givin’ too much her damn self. Like telling Cristyl she ain’t wanna be her friend anyway in episode one.

Being hella rude, when the two were talking at the office, and her overall “I hate woman” attitude ain’t help the situation. Nevertheless, if the two are friends, it doesn’t seem like it.

So far it’s givin’. I’m looking forward to episode three. I’m interested in seeing the bond, if any, that may form between Tiffani and Robin.

Anyhoo, what y’all think?




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